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25 Straight Shooters


by Glen-Coe Admin on 08/03/16


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1. Craig said on 9/12/16 - 07:14PM
Welcome to The new web site for The Glencoe Conservation Society . The web site was designed primarily for its Membership to have the opportunity to view The Calendar of Events,The Newsletter and other info on the Society. Also designed for Non Members to get info on why The Society was formed and what Glencoe has to offer Thanks, Craig T
2. Craig T said on 2/15/17 - 03:27PM
Thanks to all who helped with our WNYTL shoots 1/29 and 2/5 they run very well by all members and some non members. Its good to see our membership help out. Thanks also to all who help out during our fri night trap shoots and our Archery shoots and our many other activities. Thanks Craig T
3. Craig T said on 2/15/17 - 03:30PM
they were run very well
4. Roy Meissner said on 2/19/17 - 10:31PM
Hi Craig, Lesley Stahl had a segment about the Remington 700 Rifle bolt action. In it, people have been killed when the safety was released and the rifle firing without the trigger being touched or pulled. I am including a link with information regarding to this problem. Please bring this situation with this rifle up to the club at the next meeting in case someone in the club has one or knows of anyone who might have one. Have the membership spread the word to help prevent anyone getting hurt or killed by this serious problem. News about Remington 700 Popular Remington 700 rifle linked to potentially deadly defect, CBS News · 2 hours ago The following script is from “The Remington 700,” which aired on Feb. 19, 2017. Lesley Stahl is the correspondent. Shachar Bar-On, producer. A federal judge in Missouri heard arguments this past... Roy Meissner
5. Craig Tucker President said on 6/5/18 - 05:52PM
Glen-coe would like to thank the following sponsors for there generous support of our first annual Varity Trap shoot ( s&s taxidermy Springville hardware, Springville door and window, Shammel milling co, Southtowns Tireman, rich seider, craig tucker, dave grace, Brenda and Bob Denk shamrock bar & grill. The shoot was a great success. Glen-coe is looking forward to next years shoot.
6. Craig Tucker President said on 6/5/18 - 06:01PM
Thanks also to the following Wayne and Tyler Grace, Bob and Brenda Denk and John Pulgiese. For there support of our Varity Trap shoot.
7. Craig T said on 6/29/18 - 09:52AM
Our annual family picnic is scheduled for Saturday Aug 11th Glencoe is providing dogs,burgers and pop please bring a dish to pass. for info contact Craig Tucker or Eric Jantzi
8. CRAIG said on 7/23/18 - 07:08PM
9. craig tucker said on 1/13/21 - 08:33AM
glencoe conservation is open on fri nights strictly following covid 19 guidelines open at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
10. Debbie Dietrich said on 6/28/21 - 10:12PM
If I am correct, you do not have any facility for handgun shooting practice?
11. craig t said on 1/18/22 - 08:16AM
Yes you are correct debbie glencoe has a pistol/rifle range for members.

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